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Jefri Haryono 葉耀輝


It all started in 2006. An undergraduate course called “Introduction to Computer Graphics” and a presentation by then Digital Domain executive Scott Ross sparked my interest in Computer Graphics, and I have been pursuing it ever since.

Right after graduation from my bachelor's degree I jumped at the first opportunity to work at Digimax, Inc. in Taipei, taking TD role to help building asset and animation pipeline for the studio, while also involved directly in asset and shot productions.

After that I moved to Oriental Dreamworks Shanghai, also as a Technical Director. I was involved in building pipeline for various asset and shot departments for the company's feature animated films and commercial projects.

As of January 2016 I joined Weta Digital as Creature TD and reside in Wellington, New Zealand. But I still call Taipei as my home.

My professional interest range from digital creature creation to pipeline development. Feel free to contact me if you have any idea for collaborative projects. Just drop an email to:


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